Framed – Day 92 #CY365

The morning sun rises behind a thin layer of clouds silhouetting a still bare tree. The entire scene was reflected in the window of Fitness Together Norfolk and nicely “framed”. Olympus OM-D E-M1, 1/2000 sec @ f/13, ISO 800.

Berkley Cranes @ Twilight

The last remaining light silhouettes the tower cranes of the General Dynamics NASSCO-Norfolk, formerly Metro Machine Corporation, shipyard in the Berkley section of Norfolk, Virginia. Berkley Virginia was incorporated as a town in 1890 and annexed by the City of Norfolk on January 1, 1906. Thanks to Pamela Marino for letting me use her 5th… Continue reading Berkley Cranes @ Twilight


Too much is never enoughAnd too little to never enoughFull speed got me looking out my rear viewI can’t go back From “100 in a 55” as written by Dylan Allison Anthony Greve Canon G15, 1/50 sec @ f/8, ISO 400.